Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Back, Malaysia~!

I mentioned in my prevoius that I will be studying in Taiwan for 3 months.
Some plan had changed while I'm still in the middle of my study.
And now, I back to Malaysia again in 2months. Hahah~!
And yet~ I already came back 2weeks before.
It's not that i'm homesick or anything.
It just the course take 10weeks to complete.
Their week 4 & 10 are revision for test, but that main test is only for Taiwanese.
There still got sample test in school.
Also I will skip 3days in a week that my family come Taiwan for holiday.
So that is why i'm coming back early.
That's all neh~~

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Although I got nothing much to do after class except watching anime or check for travel spot in Taiwan.
I'm very lazy to blog.
Just don't feel like wanna blog.
And the class is super boring also...

Post one photo to end this post (; ̄ェ ̄)
Cookies, yesterday production~

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~西门 aka Day 2 & Hostel aka Day 3~

~西门 aka Day 2~
The 2nd day we arrived Taipei, we go 西门.
Then I had this for breakfast in this place.

America Hot Dog

Look tasty right? But it only taste normal.
Then we straight away go to shopping after breakfast.
You know what I saw? Their cinema! Their cinema is so cool & the batman"dark knight rises" billboard also~
You can't see this kind of stuff in Malaysia ah.... sad...

The street

Then, we went back to hostel after a whole day shopping.
These were the stuff we bought (3 people combine).

And these were the stuff I bought. 
Another one piece trip again? Lol~!

~Hostel aka Day 3~
Then we stay in the hostel for whole day.
This is the room I am staying now.
Gonna change to a better room next week. 

Outside view

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~Departure Day aka Day1~

Okay! First thing to say here! I reached Taiwan safety~!!!
My family and some of my friends know this coz I already post a photo on facebook.
Still, I need to say it here~ 
Oh ya, another 2 of my friend are joining too. 
So total 3 of us.
This is the photo I took when we reach the airport.

Something curious me that, why are the people from China stick very close to us while we were queuing up at the immigration. Don't you feel any uncomfortable at all? weird...
We didn't spend much time at the airport.
We're tired, so we took a taxi and straight away go to the dorm.
The dorm we're staying now is 4 people per room and we sharing bathroom with other room.
Will change to a room that own a private bathroom this Sunday.
Then we had maggi mee for dinner coz our dorm is too rural and very far from shop.
Our school locate more like a factory place.
And the bed mattress is super thin!!! crazy...
So I don't plan to continue studying bread making course here.

This is my first time away from home for so long(coz may stay for half year) and also my first time staying in dorm.
But don't know why, I didn't feel excited at all. Not like the time I'm going to participate youth camp exchange last year.
And it's totally opposite. I became worried and feel homesick and think that something bad may happen... before the departure day...-.-"
I didn't tell this to my family, scare they laugh at me. lol!

Okay. That's all for ~Departure Day aka Day1~
Although I blog this on 4 August 2012, but I will change the date to the day so you won't confuse.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

GTR 3D Cake

This cake request was from my high school best friend.
She want a GTR cake for her cousin.
I made this few weeks ago.
This is the 1st time I made this kind of cake.
I'm glad I made it successful. 

And this is the cake~ enjoy~

Taiwan Here I Come~!!!

Will be going to Taiwan to study cake making course for 3 months tomorrow. Will staying for another 3 months if I want to study bread making course, but still not confirm yet.

I will using a new phone number when I'm in Taiwan. If anything, please facebook or email or skype me.
I will not list my phone number, email and skype id here. So PM me in facebook if you want.
Please don't delete my old phone number. Will be using back once I back to Malaysia.

Don't miss me and I will remember your souvenior(not everyone). I will definitely having fun there~!! So see you guys 3 months or half year later~!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Host Family

I sent post card and some of the photos to my host family in Japan.

Then my 1st Host family called me when they received the photos.

Then my 2nd Host's sister sent me a message in facebook when they received the photos.

Then my 3rd Host family sent an email to me when they received the photos.

Hahah~! They reply me with the difference method.
Yea~ I miss them so much.
Need to save a lot of money so I can go to visit them someday~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...... Cake

Heheheh~ long time didn't update my blog.
& I seldom blog about my personal life, coz everyday gaming Final Fantasy type 0(need 1000000SPP!!! for multiple player...)
So if something special to blog, that would be making cakes.

Okay, back to topic.
This cake request is from my brother. 
I want to make a Dota design at first since my brother's friend they like Dota.
But u know.... Dota graphic is very nice.
& someone else suggest other design.
So I made this.

Cake : Chocolate
Topping : Butter Cream
Picture : Royal Icing
& alcohol chocolate for deco~!

The side.

Well I choose this picture by purpose!!!
(coz of the bikini~!)

Hahahah~! I can't believe I made this design!
I seriously need to wash my eyes XD!!!
This is the birthday boy~!

Well, I should make the picture a bit bigger so the cake will not look empty.
& the cake mix I bought this time was not tasty at all. 
Need to search for a nice chocolate cake recipe next time. 
That's all for this post. 
Thanks for reading. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lilo & Stitch without Lilo Cake

Made this Lilo & Stitch without Lilo Birthday Cake for my cousin.

It's a really simple cake coz I didn't deco the cake side.

For cake, I used butter cake then coat with white chocolate ganache and used cake crumb to fill all the cake.
For decoration, I used milk chocolate compound to pipe the outline. Then used white chocolate compound + colouring to fill the inside. 

Actually, I cannot use white chocolate mix with colouring, coz it will change the quality of chocolate.
Like chocolate cannot mix with water.
Just try to play with it only.

The piping work I had done were pretty rough.
You can't really notice it in the photo, maybe I shoot the photo far away.

Can see the rough part here???

I was planning to pipe Lilo also. 
But accident happened half way, so I just only place the Stitch on the cake.
That's all for the post.
Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

~My 21st Birthday Cake & Celebration~

My birthday party had already passed 2 weeks ago.
Haha~! Sorry for the late post. 
As I mentioned on the previous post, I make my own birthday cake.
Most of the people order a key cake for their 21st Birthday.
I want something different so I Made This~!!!

~A Golden Love Lock~
Cake : Moist Chocolate Cake
Ingredient : Fondant, Royal Icing, Dusting Powder, Coloring.

(This photo edited by using Iphone App and posted on Instagram.)
(A big different =.=") 

Actually, I don't really like love shape.
But square lock is a bit normal & round lock is not that nice.
So I choose love shape, at the end....

And photos below are the design I planed at first, also the moment while I got stuck....
Not really satisfy with the color.....
There's a ribbon at the side.
Both cake & ribbon's color are almost the same, so it's a bit hard to see.
I removed it after I plan to dust all the cake with dusting powder. 
But the scar that ribbon left behind make the side a bit rough TwT
I think no one noticed? hahah~

~Family Photo~
Received Key from Parents

That's all for the post, 
~My 21st Birthday Cake & Celebration~
Thank You for those who attended the party.
I really had fun~!
This is the 1st time I got drunk.
Don't know what happen after that >.<"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

21st Birthday Cake

Gonna start making my own birthday cake.

Today will be baking & cutting into desire shape.

Friday will be decorating. 

Stay Tune~

Need to buy gold key also.

That's mean you can now have freedom.

Bye~ Beauty Fair.

Just finished my part time work at Beauty Fair yesterday.
Finally, it's over. Now waiting for salary. XD!!

The company I worked sell masque the most. 
There are a lot of other company selling masque also.
& they sell with RM0.50 & RM1 per piece.
So some of the customer don't feel like buying when they reach our booth coz they already bought a lot cheap masque. 
For me I don't dare to buy RM 0.50 masque.
Maybe they want to attract customers.....

As I mentioned on the previous post, promoting those beauty products really a disaster to me.
I don't know what is anti-oxidant, collagen & blah blah blah... at first....
I can tell you what is the usage of baking ingredients if you ask me.
Something funny is, one of the customers ask me "are you a part timer??" 
After I said yes, then she reply "I know it". LoL!!! 

There was one of the customers that make me angry.
 I was using chinese to promote our product.
Suddenly she shake her head saying "you cannot do business. 1 you speak English, 2 you speak Cantonese". 
I was like what the hell, how the hell I know what language you speaking.
Then you suddenly shoot me like this. 
I wanted to tell her" sorry, I came from Johor so I don't know how to speak Cantonese".(Johor people don't know how to speak Cantonese)
But I scared she say"I came from Johor also, where do you live", then I don't know how to reply.
I can't shoot her also coz customer always right. 
Well, world have many type and difference people.
I can gain some experience while serving these kind of bad attitude people.

At the end, it's tired but it's a great experience.
My leg fully recovered from pain after I had a long & nice sleep.
Although I was promoting products while I'm dreaming. LoL! 
Thank you for the customers who bought our products after listening what I said.
I also had fun while promoting, but sometimes got stuck at the half way. -.-"
That's all for the post. 

Self SS photo after work. Wearing Contact Lens, Make Up & Oily Hair.
I can feel my eyes are dry for wearing lens straight away 3days & more than 12hours. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beauty Fair

Going to work as a promoter at beauty fair,KLCC tomorrow until next Tuesday.
Remembering some of the products benefits is a disaster to me coz I don't really use cosmetics.
I'm feel nervous right now. (-。-;
Hope everything will be okay and hope I won't get fired at the half way. Lol!
See you soon to those who going to beauty fair. \(^o^)/

Monday, April 23, 2012



My 21st Birthday Cake

Next month, 16th May is my 21st birthday.

Because of my brother felt regret that he didn't have a grant celebration on his 21st birthday, so he keep asking me what i'm gonna do for my 21st birthday.

I was planning to have karaoke party at first. But, 6 hours for 20 people is not enough so I change the plan to have a 'lok lok' party at my house.

I'm also planning to make my own birthday cake this time but using royal icing for coating and deco instead of fordant.
I'm not good in piping, so it will be a little bit headache for me. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Muahahahaha~! Challenge accepted!
Wish me good luck~♪( ´▽`)
"going to practice 'gao gao'!" ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Monday, April 9, 2012


Last week was my grandma passed away...

And today is my college friend...

I was shock when I recevied a msg from my friend.

I can't say anything while I called my friend to confirm the news... It's so sudden for us...

I think... April 2012 is a sad memories for me.

Two people were gone forever in my life.

Rest In Peace....



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hairstyle 2012

Just permed my hair today.
New hairstyle for 2012.
The wave is not clear coz of my hair color is dark.
May color my hair next week, most properly will be light colour.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Clay cup

Just received my parcel from my 1st host. Two of the things inside is cup and a snowman (there're still have other stuff inside). Both of it made by clay(pottery clay, not the clay I used). It takes about 1 or 2 months to dry. Actually I just only make the cup, because of the leftover clay, so I plan to make a snowman, a souvenir for my host family. But don't know why they sent it back to me. Hmmm... Maybe they confuse? Nevermind.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I&apos;m a gamer.

I'm a gamer( ̄▽ ̄)
When i'm free, i play game.
When i'm bored, i play game.
When i'm stress, i play game.
No video game = no life
I would be bored dead without video game.
Hmmmm..... No good( *`ω´)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


就觉得很奇怪,为什么每个人都在facebook 上载会站着的蛋的照片。刚好哥哥的朋友在,所以就问他们了。

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Valentine's day is coming....
Still.....I got no boyfriend.... (´Д` )
Been single for almost 21 years.
That is why I bought this 縁結守 ψ(`∇´)ψ
Hope I get a boyfriend this year☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is my 1st post & 1st photo taken & edit with my iphone.
One photo is before n another is after...
You can add eye liner, eye shadow, eyelash or whatever in the photo edit application.
It is very convenient for the person like me coz I seldom make up & lazy to wear lens. ♪( ´▽`)
I felt i'm out dated \(//∇//)\ coz i didn't know they got this kind of application after my cousin told me.....
Anyway, I may get addicted to it (⌒▽⌒)
Wish me good luck.......

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Changed my phone to Iphone 4s yesterday~!
昨日, Iphone 4s を買った~ !

So happy~

Friday, January 27, 2012


Felt so regret that I didn't buy psp vita in Japan.....

It's RM400 cheaper in Japan .....



Saturday, January 21, 2012


It's been a while, since I went to sunway lagoon with my high school best friends.
So 5 of us(include me) went to sunway lagoon this morning. 
This time, I was aiming for extreme park, coz I didn't play that stuff before. 
But.... It gave dissapointed to me, especially flying fox!!

You have to be above 40kg to play flying fox.
I think should be no problem coz my weight is 40kg while I weighted in my house.
When I weight there, it's 39kg.... なんで......
sad..... I wanted to play that so badly....

When my friends ask me,

Friend : Which machine you like the most?

Me : I only know I can't play flying fox coz of my 1kg weight TwT.

Still had a lot of fun today~ 

Unfortunately , there're a lot of bad things happen also...
1. sook huei lost her couple ring
2. my brother's camera(water proff) the area where we insert battery & memory card was inflow of water. 

This camera bought 3years ago, I think the rubber is not elastic anymore. So that's why... will check the camera few days later.

Nano Block



& Birthday Cake~

Then put into a casing.

& place on my 3rd floor~

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nano Block

Playing nano block now.

Dang.... I didn't know Malaysia would have this also....
But they are the Christmas present from the friend of my 1st host family.