Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Went to 1U on last Saturday with my family(except my dad)....... Hahahaha~~~ so happy, bought a lot of food, yum~ yum~ Ah! I forgot a toy too..... i though they giving me the cloth and things for me to sew the toy, but it was totally different when i open it. Here some food i would like to recommend to you guys.....


Yeah!!! Finally found Strawberry Milk!!! Super delicious!!! Super hard to find also...

This one nice! I dunno what it call. The outer layer(not leaf) is mochi. I think its only available during the moon cake festival... Beside the cake is their company, inside the box is different product.


Hehehe~ I bought the toy because of the rabbit ear >.<

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ah!!!! I broke my watch in the library when i'm going to do the strawberry yogurt mousse decoration...... Although only the glass is broken, but i really love this watch......... haihzzzzz......... My brother is gonna kill me...... Hope it can be fix.........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~Thank You, Good Luck & Goodbye~

Our super super senior, Ah Pang is going to complete his training soon. So we BST 15 secretly plan a farewell party during the practical class...... kekekek~ whipping cream~

Hahah~~ everyone is standby at the back & waiting to punch him the whipping cream~
Well.... thanks to him also, my face is full of CREAM!!! Today is very fun~~ I enjoyed the party very much!

Monday, September 7, 2009

~PC Speaker~

So weird...... All the sound from my PC gone weird.....
You listen to the video 1st, then you will know what is the different~

Kekekek~ don't know what happen to my computer, but it all back to normal when i restart the computer..... T_T i still not yet play enough...

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I had a dream today...... a funny dream for me....

I dreamed i'm in the japanese karaoke, yume kukan(the only japaneseK i know) with my brother and some friends.....*stop* Aiya, i talk about some of the things that different from our karaoke. They don't have a small television like us to order the song(order the song... sounds weird), they use book. Then you have to search the artist name and song just like you searching a word in the dictionary(look like a nerd reading the big and thick dictionary). Key in the code in the remote control after you found your song(every song have a code) then you can sing~ with not the real video, music, and no vocal.( if someone don't know japanese, please bring your own lyrics). *continue my story* I open the book and start searching aあ and haは {ayumi hamasaki}(if not mistaken you must search their last name), but the book don't have the name, it's impossible since she is popular in japan. Then i ask the counter, i forgot what they're saying but still i do not get the answer. I go back to the room and just keep on searching her name. Then i wake up. The end!!!

The message of the dream is calling me to visit the shop! hahah~