Sunday, May 27, 2012

~My 21st Birthday Cake & Celebration~

My birthday party had already passed 2 weeks ago.
Haha~! Sorry for the late post. 
As I mentioned on the previous post, I make my own birthday cake.
Most of the people order a key cake for their 21st Birthday.
I want something different so I Made This~!!!

~A Golden Love Lock~
Cake : Moist Chocolate Cake
Ingredient : Fondant, Royal Icing, Dusting Powder, Coloring.

(This photo edited by using Iphone App and posted on Instagram.)
(A big different =.=") 

Actually, I don't really like love shape.
But square lock is a bit normal & round lock is not that nice.
So I choose love shape, at the end....

And photos below are the design I planed at first, also the moment while I got stuck....
Not really satisfy with the color.....
There's a ribbon at the side.
Both cake & ribbon's color are almost the same, so it's a bit hard to see.
I removed it after I plan to dust all the cake with dusting powder. 
But the scar that ribbon left behind make the side a bit rough TwT
I think no one noticed? hahah~

~Family Photo~
Received Key from Parents

That's all for the post, 
~My 21st Birthday Cake & Celebration~
Thank You for those who attended the party.
I really had fun~!
This is the 1st time I got drunk.
Don't know what happen after that >.<"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

21st Birthday Cake

Gonna start making my own birthday cake.

Today will be baking & cutting into desire shape.

Friday will be decorating. 

Stay Tune~

Need to buy gold key also.

That's mean you can now have freedom.

Bye~ Beauty Fair.

Just finished my part time work at Beauty Fair yesterday.
Finally, it's over. Now waiting for salary. XD!!

The company I worked sell masque the most. 
There are a lot of other company selling masque also.
& they sell with RM0.50 & RM1 per piece.
So some of the customer don't feel like buying when they reach our booth coz they already bought a lot cheap masque. 
For me I don't dare to buy RM 0.50 masque.
Maybe they want to attract customers.....

As I mentioned on the previous post, promoting those beauty products really a disaster to me.
I don't know what is anti-oxidant, collagen & blah blah blah... at first....
I can tell you what is the usage of baking ingredients if you ask me.
Something funny is, one of the customers ask me "are you a part timer??" 
After I said yes, then she reply "I know it". LoL!!! 

There was one of the customers that make me angry.
 I was using chinese to promote our product.
Suddenly she shake her head saying "you cannot do business. 1 you speak English, 2 you speak Cantonese". 
I was like what the hell, how the hell I know what language you speaking.
Then you suddenly shoot me like this. 
I wanted to tell her" sorry, I came from Johor so I don't know how to speak Cantonese".(Johor people don't know how to speak Cantonese)
But I scared she say"I came from Johor also, where do you live", then I don't know how to reply.
I can't shoot her also coz customer always right. 
Well, world have many type and difference people.
I can gain some experience while serving these kind of bad attitude people.

At the end, it's tired but it's a great experience.
My leg fully recovered from pain after I had a long & nice sleep.
Although I was promoting products while I'm dreaming. LoL! 
Thank you for the customers who bought our products after listening what I said.
I also had fun while promoting, but sometimes got stuck at the half way. -.-"
That's all for the post. 

Self SS photo after work. Wearing Contact Lens, Make Up & Oily Hair.
I can feel my eyes are dry for wearing lens straight away 3days & more than 12hours. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Beauty Fair

Going to work as a promoter at beauty fair,KLCC tomorrow until next Tuesday.
Remembering some of the products benefits is a disaster to me coz I don't really use cosmetics.
I'm feel nervous right now. (-。-;
Hope everything will be okay and hope I won't get fired at the half way. Lol!
See you soon to those who going to beauty fair. \(^o^)/