Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chibi dot Net II

I'm moving my blog to
Due to some reason, I'm unable to log in into this blog(the reason is in my new blog XD).
I though I can't log into this anymore, so I made a new blog.
I won't be update this and my clay's blog anymore.

Feel free to check it out.
This will be my last post here, thank you for your support.
C ya in my new blog.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm back? LOL

Hello my blog~ I'm back? LOL
Maybe yes, maybe no? I'm still not sure I will continue to blog or not.
Just come in and check a bit since I have nothing to do now(no gaming at the moment).

It's been one and a half years I didn't blog.
I got shock when I see my total page views. 
Last time was 3k something, and now is 9.8k.
I though no one come in lol.

While I was wandering around my blog, I saw many of the photos were remove from the post.
I don't really know what's happening, but if you do want to know what kind of cakes I'm working on, feel free to check it at
This album is free to public.

I'm working at my shop now which is selling baking ingredients. 
So I will be very less at making cakes or clay for my relative and friends except for special occasion and my mood(what the hell is this? lol).
I spent my 1 free day to make cupcakes for my gaming  friends who is coming to KL from other state in Malaysia. 
Oh ya, also some cupcakes for Christmas party, although the party was canceled due to my brother sudden going to Australia for working. 
But everything worth when I see my friend's smiley face while eating my cupcake. (Deviruchi~!!! lol)

I think that's all for now.
I'm just waiting for the coming weekend to buy my new laptop~~~
Okay, see ya~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I'm Back, Malaysia~!

I mentioned in my prevoius that I will be studying in Taiwan for 3 months.
Some plan had changed while I'm still in the middle of my study.
And now, I back to Malaysia again in 2months. Hahah~!
And yet~ I already came back 2weeks before.
It's not that i'm homesick or anything.
It just the course take 10weeks to complete.
Their week 4 & 10 are revision for test, but that main test is only for Taiwanese.
There still got sample test in school.
Also I will skip 3days in a week that my family come Taiwan for holiday.
So that is why i'm coming back early.
That's all neh~~

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Although I got nothing much to do after class except watching anime or check for travel spot in Taiwan.
I'm very lazy to blog.
Just don't feel like wanna blog.
And the class is super boring also...

Post one photo to end this post (; ̄ェ ̄)
Cookies, yesterday production~

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~西门 aka Day 2 & Hostel aka Day 3~

~西门 aka Day 2~
The 2nd day we arrived Taipei, we go 西门.
Then I had this for breakfast in this place.

America Hot Dog

Look tasty right? But it only taste normal.
Then we straight away go to shopping after breakfast.
You know what I saw? Their cinema! Their cinema is so cool & the batman"dark knight rises" billboard also~
You can't see this kind of stuff in Malaysia ah.... sad...

The street

Then, we went back to hostel after a whole day shopping.
These were the stuff we bought (3 people combine).

And these were the stuff I bought. 
Another one piece trip again? Lol~!

~Hostel aka Day 3~
Then we stay in the hostel for whole day.
This is the room I am staying now.
Gonna change to a better room next week. 

Outside view