Thursday, October 28, 2010

TM Streamyx

> My brother registered TM streamyx last week, he told  me that the staff will come to my house to set up the line this week.

>Yesterday, I saw a TM car in front of somebody's house near my living area.

> I was hoping the car will straight away go to my house after that somebody's house & set the line for me.

>Then, back home, I waiting for the call when I'm watching TV, I even bring my HP near my toilet while I'm bathing.

>At the end, it still didn't call. LOL

Sunday, October 10, 2010


After this wedding cake......

 I don't feel like I wanna do my gingerbread anymore....

Next week will be our deadline, 

we don't have much time,

 & I don't feel like we have enough gingerbread(limited)......

haihzzz.... watever.....

Wedding Cake

This is our wedding cake, the complete version. She has a name, but I already forgot. enjoy~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bakayaro Curry

Saw this advertisement in the japanese newspaper my brother got in Kinokuniya.

Bakayaro Curry

Haha! Interesting! I hope I don't become an idiot after I eat it ^^


Tomorrow is the deadline for our wedding cake.....
Finally, Finally, & Finally!!!! 
Although our cake already finished on Monday,
but I can't wait to see the other group wedding cake!!! XD!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drama Queen

This picture was taken in "n" years ago(I forgot).
I tot this picture already gone, but I found this in my bro's old phone. lol
So I quickly save it & upload to here & facebook.
Love this picture very much XD!!!! 


 Finally, two leadership assignment DOWN!!!! YuHooo!!!!!

4 More Assignment to GO!!!
1. Computing Business Plan Report.
2. Moral Social Issue assignment.
3. Wedding Cake
4. Gingerbread

Haihzzz.... the wedding cake they keep on delay the date..... coz the boss is away... XD
so boring......

This is how my group wedding cake look (80% done)

Royal Icing will be the last part(next week), it's very easy to crack.
so enjoy~