Saturday, November 27, 2010


Learn molding clay in our semester V, sugarcraft practical class. 

yay~ my favourite <3

Learn how to make a ribbon in 1st class.

Even normal ribbon also have skill and tactic to do -.-. 

The brand that my college used is "Hearty",

 a very nice quality light paper clay.

I found it in 1U, and it cost about RM40++. 

So expensive.....

Still got 1 pack clay left in my house.

Gonna exchange it someday~!



Moldy -.-

Our wedding cake still display in the mib display area..... although all the flower got so moldy. Looking it at the far distance is okay, but very disgusting when looking it at near distance. yuck! 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh Ya!

I just found out yesterday.
I forgot to post the "the making of gingerbread house" in my blog.
lol! coming soon~!

Industrial Training

Heard a good news from my mom, 

that my brother can go korea for his industrial training.

Still have to ask him later.

To confirm!

yer..... so damn nice! 

I want to go oversea for training also....

Well....I want to go there for holiday XD!!!

Then about myself....... 

ahhhhh!!!!! still headache......... 

where should I go???? 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pastry Pro

Went to pastry pro yesterday with my friends to buy ingredient for making CNY cookies.
Everyone were busy searching the ingredient for our cookies,
except me looking for my own stuff for Christmas. paiseh....

I plan to make gingerbread man for my bests friends and relatives,
since I'm in this course for almost 2 years and I didn't make any cakes and dessert for them to try.
Will start our job on making CNY cookies this week,
will be very busy during that time,
so I hope I have time to make gingerbread
& I already bought ginger powder, mixed spice, the gingerbread man cutter and container! >.<
I have to make this! If not everything gonna be ruined-.-

Well, I quite like the feel in pastry pro XD!
Especially there're a lots cutter, mold and equipment,
that's make me want to stay inside longer & want to buy everything!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to Black

It's been two years, I had dyed my hair into brown, chili red, light brown? (almost to blond, but not blond XD), purple red & what else???
Just think of it, every half a year I change new colour.......

& NOW! 

Just dye my hair this evening..... It's actually dark brown, not black XD! 
& no new hair style for this time coz I want to keep my hair long.
Almost gonna cut my hair already. Luckily I didn't see any hair style I want in the magazine. 

Bye bye loh~!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

one more......

It's sem break now.
one more sem, then everything will be over.
it too long, yet too short for me.
hahahah, i don't feel like i want to work very soon.
but you can't study forever also.
Learn a lot of things in mib.
and i also find out what i want to do in my future job.
the only problem is,
haihzzzz, still headache about my industrial training.
don't know where i wanna go,
and am i choose the right path?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dunno y.....
My stomach feel unwell these days, since sunday i think......

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Making of Wedding Cake

This post is about the detail parts & progress of our wedding cake, Rose of Verona. Lol! I know it's kinda.... NO!, a very late post. Aikssss, whatever~  heheh~ Anyway......Enjoy!!

I would like to thanks to my group member, Sharon, Yi Jie & Amanda, thanks for your cooperation & you guys are awesome & cool member. It sad we may be different group during SEM V, but I feel very lucky & happy for grouping with these nice member for so long. I appreciate very much! Thank You!!!!

Group 9 Forever!!!

Negative commands make us
learn lesson & 
learn to be patient....... 
We're not stupid forever...... 
I'm not gonna be your advertisement now & future.

Hershey's chocolate sauce + Marshmallow

Had lunch in Paddington Pancake House in 1Utama this evening, then I ordered a 3 mini "brownies" pancake with strawberry, marshmallow with chocolate sauce( it actually a kids meal.....XD ).  The brownies pancake doesn't taste good, but I really like the marshmallow + chocolate sauce. Since I got leftover marshmallow (didn't open the packaging before, so don't worry) from the BBQ, I bought a whole bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Sauce in Jusco. Lol! XD!!! Gonna share this with my friends on next monday~~~ <3



Guess, what is this ↓

hint : 4 words

Answer  : Soap
(highlight for answer)

My cousin bought this in Taiwan. It look like a real cake but the soap smell is too strong. If my aunt and cousin didn't told me & I didn't notice the smell, I may put this in the fridge. heheh~~