Sunday, August 30, 2009

~White Tiger~

My grandpa bought a white tiger doll in Singapore.... I saw it when i'm going back to my dad's hometown Perak, Teluk Intan to celebrate my grandpa Birthday. OMG!!! It's so real and you can see it smiling at you when u look at it! SOoooooo CUTE!!!!! I keep taking picture with it^^ Hope i can have one too, but it's impossible........ Anyway, if someone hometown is Teluk Intan, tell me please. We go yam cha during chinese new year~~~

White tiger~~


i like this, but a bit blur~

yeah!! I catch you!!


brother and cousin~



Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I stop dancing because of my schedule problem.....
Planning to girls hip-hop on thursday but the class is already half way, dunno weather i can join or not....
Planning to hip-hop on wednesday, but i feel very tired after the cake practical and sometimes the class will be late just like today(last sem also, cheese cake).....
Or i try other dance like house??? Dunno when izzit..... zZzZzZz~~~~~
Should i waiting for another sem then i only start continue my dancing lesson?

Monday, August 24, 2009

~Stop blogging awhile~

Playing dragonica online malaysia.....
Will be stop blogging awhile..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Car Accident~

I had a small car accident near my house today when i going to my class....... I quickly call up my dad when i hit that fellow car because i don't know what to do..... OMG! That stupid fellow said "there still have a distance when i see your car" and trying to blame i'm the one who is wrong! This is my road not your road! And i saw you never look at my side then you just cross the road! If there still have distance, why i will hit your car?? YOu MORON!!! My dad told me not to argue with him and we're not paying to each other..... damn you lucky! 男人老狗 "lam yan lou gau"*cantonese*! Bully me!
Wahahahahah! I fell very happy coz i'm the one who hit that moron car! Feel a bit pity for my car although there are many art that i made before...

This is the my art i made today...

1st art in my 1st day of driving my car~~~still in secondary school(September 05,2008 Friday)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~Sem Break & Sem II~

Time running out fast... I already in the 2nd day of my Sem II Course.......Just think of it, I really did nothing in my Sem Break, except joining my friends singK{1 day} and clean my old old house(the people are moving out){1 day}..... What a waste!!! I want my Holiday back T_T!!!!
Good News : Really happy they canceling the class on thursday because of the food fair. Food Fair Here I Come!!!! wakakakakak
Bad News : The schedule keep on changing... Now we had is the third schedule and the most worstest schedule we ever had! We only have half a hour break for lunch on tuesday, some more we have practical afterward! Also, are we coming to computing class for only 1 hour on Thursday then going back??? HELL NO!!! Hope they change the time again!