Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~西门 aka Day 2 & Hostel aka Day 3~

~西门 aka Day 2~
The 2nd day we arrived Taipei, we go 西门.
Then I had this for breakfast in this place.

America Hot Dog

Look tasty right? But it only taste normal.
Then we straight away go to shopping after breakfast.
You know what I saw? Their cinema! Their cinema is so cool & the batman"dark knight rises" billboard also~
You can't see this kind of stuff in Malaysia ah.... sad...

The street

Then, we went back to hostel after a whole day shopping.
These were the stuff we bought (3 people combine).

And these were the stuff I bought. 
Another one piece trip again? Lol~!

~Hostel aka Day 3~
Then we stay in the hostel for whole day.
This is the room I am staying now.
Gonna change to a better room next week. 

Outside view

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