Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Experience

Yesterday night, I dropped my camera into toilet bowl...

Luckily I got it back.........


Argh! I don't wanna talk about it anymore.....


Bought less than 1 year.......

Friday, October 28, 2011


Finally, finally & FINALLY!!! 

I'm done the cake! 

so tired......

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Secret Cake

Doing secret cake for somebody.

I hope it will success.

It's edible.

Gonna send out to somebody myself this Saturday.

Hope she will suprise & happy :)

Oh! I can't wait for it!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Host Family

I sent e-mail for my host family last Thursday.

I got 2 families, & both of them reply me on the same day. 


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Penang & Langkawi Trip

Ah~~~ So lazy to write this post.
I make it short then~

It's second time I went to Penang with the same gang.
But this time we got extra trip, that is Langkawi.

Not much things we do in Penang, just only eat eat eat~
Ahahah~ crazy for apong again~
The 1st day we went there we're already looking for it but the van didn't open. How sad....
Then we plan to go ice cream shop(passed by when searching for apong) that the shop design look like retro style.
When we went there, the shop close.....
Everyone were very down....
Luckily, the van open when we back from Langawi, at least got chance to eat when we back to KL.

Then for Langawi...... wine & chocolate are so cheap >.<(duty free)
1 tin Carlsberg only RM1.80.
Then Ferrero Rocher 30 pcs only RM 21.90, at KL around RM 34++

our cupboard XD

Then played parasailing & banana boat on the 2nd day.
I used almost RM1100 for this trip TwT, spent RM 350 on chocolate & wine.....
I think that's all for this post. (long post again XD)

Group photo~

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Youth Exchange

Oh ya~ Forgot to mention here.
I passed my YE test & I'm going to Nagoya, Japan this 14th December.
I hope this place will snow~

For best friends, I won't be joining you guys for Chirstmas this year.
Also, Soo Hoo~ your birthday!
Don't worry, I will buy you guys souvenir XD!!!

Then after this..... I have to focus on work TwT

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maggi Mee

Should stop eating maggi mee....
If not my hair will be gone later...... TwT

Monday, October 10, 2011

Graduation, Penang & Langawi

Just graduated on last Saturday & just back from Penang & Langkawi yesterday.
So I'm gonna talk about my graduate 1st.
Penang & Langkawi will be later or next post.

Not much comment on graduation day.
Just 2 words "TIRED" & "SURPRISE" .
Slept around 2 or 3am then waked up at 6am for preparing & make up.
Reached MIB at 7.30am to meet my friends.
Scare of parking space so we went there by 1 car.

Then reached PJ Hilton about 8.15am for rehearsal.
Actually we don't have to be there so early.
They just only use 15 or 30 minutes to show us how to walk.
Never mind..... so it's time to get change & photo time~
After we got the cloth, not yet change. We got this kind of cupcake.

I think it's made by junior.
Well, appreciate the people who made this.
Sorry to say that..... it's ugly........
My face look so fat! (although it's already fat XD)
& also feel like you're eating your own face. 

Then the ceremony started at 11am, I think later than that.
& ended at 12-1pm something.
Omg.... so damn hungry.....
Then after the group photo, we start eating.
The food, not really nice though......(keep complaining XD)
Then photo time again~
Oh ya~ my certificate~

Before going back to MIB, my family came.  
I call them not to go coz the seat is expensive & they're still not decide want to attend or not & also I need to go for many trips(need $$ XD)!
So it was a surprise for me.  
& I got this~  flowers~

Thank you, dad, mom & bro.