Sunday, February 27, 2011

Final Clay Project

Just finished my clay princess just now.....
Still have to make base and background tomorrow zZzZzZz........
OMiGosh! It cost me around 12hours to complete the character only! 
I'm planning to done all the stuff in one day. 
hahah! It won't happen! 
Even pro also can't make this happen also coz some of the part have to wait until it dry then u can continue the other. 
I'm lazy so I do all the part in one day. 
Oh ya! forgot to mention, I'm doing the snow princess from A Witch's Tale, NDS.
I'm not gonna upload my picture after I finish it, will upload after marks giving XD!
mystery* mystery*
I need a camera so BADLY!!! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Next Monday would be my 1st interview.....
Don't know what they will ask, or will they accept me?
So nervous >.<

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bride and Bridegroom, clay project

These are the complete version of the bride and groom, with face. 
Time to do clay final project!!! 


Called & sent out my resume to the company I want to do my interns....
Waiting for them to call....
OMiGosh!!! I'm so nervous!!!
Hope they accept me...... TwT

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clay Project

Just finished my clay project..... 
Using less than 1 day to complete both of this.....
Started at 5.30pm till 2am (include dinner time)
Stress release!!! 
The bridegroom is kinda fat....
I don't really like it... but I lazy to redo it XD~

Bridegroom & Bride~

Have to pass up this project on this Thursday.
So I must complete them today or tomorrow.
Since I finish them today, then I don't have to do tomorrow!

I think this is a rush work for me... 
I don't have mood to do it + almost everything design I copy from my teacher......