Friday, June 8, 2012

Lilo & Stitch without Lilo Cake

Made this Lilo & Stitch without Lilo Birthday Cake for my cousin.

It's a really simple cake coz I didn't deco the cake side.

For cake, I used butter cake then coat with white chocolate ganache and used cake crumb to fill all the cake.
For decoration, I used milk chocolate compound to pipe the outline. Then used white chocolate compound + colouring to fill the inside. 

Actually, I cannot use white chocolate mix with colouring, coz it will change the quality of chocolate.
Like chocolate cannot mix with water.
Just try to play with it only.

The piping work I had done were pretty rough.
You can't really notice it in the photo, maybe I shoot the photo far away.

Can see the rough part here???

I was planning to pipe Lilo also. 
But accident happened half way, so I just only place the Stitch on the cake.
That's all for the post.
Thanks for reading.