Monday, May 17, 2010

Donut Clay

New donut design!

A simple pink design for me. (I don't really like pink)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 2010 Birthday

It's my 19th Birthday! Yea~

Well, actually I'm joining my college's friend to sunway lagoon at the morning, I can't go because of pms-.- haihzzzz..... I'm so so so sorry to them TwT. Then, I'm going to Korean BBQ with my best friends + my brother(I'm learning to drive his car.....)at night. Lol! Many funny things happen after that. & my friends gift me Rainie Yang limited edition album as my present. I was shock, coz the box is so big and I'm gonna buy her album later & this is my 1st chinese album. We're going home after this, my friends come to stay a night. Li Lian gift me headphone as my present when we reach home. Then we're going for a night walk.


At the park near my house


Rainie Yang box cover
from Sook Huei, Joe Wai, & Yee Ting

box back side

Album cover

Inside album

Inside album

photo frame


free fan

free fan (another side)

from li lian

Another day(16.5.2010) my brother gift me PS3 game, Bayonetta. He say he keep this under my pillow, but I didnt feel anything when I'm sleeping. lol

PS3 game, Bayonetta
from brother



Thank You Guys Very Much!!! For giving me such awesome birthday memory.

& u guys always left something at my house, like sook huei forgot to bring her jacket, joe forgot to bring his towel.-.-

Friday, May 7, 2010


I will stop thinking other stuff design & just concentrate on doing donut design.

It would be amazing if a box is full of different types of donut design ^^

I'm proud of my donut!!!XD

(syok sendiri -.-)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tohoshiki Fair + Bowling

Arrive at KLCC at 11.30am something with Li Lien, then we head to Kinokuniya because of the Tohoshiki Fair. & you know what? It give a really big disappointed to me even though I'm not their fans. I thought they will have a small booth with people in charge of it, and maybe selling their CDs and other stuff. It totally no! It just a really small cabinet & on top of the cabinet stick a "paper?" with "Tohoshiki Fair 1st-31st May 2010" & magazines then that's all. Here some picture, my friend call me to take for her.

After this, there still have some time for next gathering, so we head to Isetan. I heard there are some nice tart at the bakery shop inside the Isetan from Li Lien, then I choose a peach tart(i don't like strawberry) & Li Lien choose a strawberry tart. Someone buy all the peach tart after we paying the bill! It is so close! Before we going back to Petaling Street, we snap some of these photo outside the Isetan. It's nice for us. heheh.

We meet up with Joe Wai then we have lunch at BBQ Plaza(my mom joining also). After this, we're going to play bowling. I go there quite some time, but today is the 1st time I see the staff checking people wether they wearing any sock or not.

We can't wear bowling shoe in toilet.
& this look so weird(shoe with socks). lol

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Week Schedule

4th May(today) : SingK at Green Box Sungai Wang + Sushi King with best friends

5th May : KLCC Kinokuniya for Tohoshiki Fair(just take a look what is it) + Bowling at Time Square + Chit Chat with best friends

8th May : Ice Sketting at Sunway Pyramid with best friends

9th May : Celebrate Mother's Day!!!

Hang Out with best friends 3 days in a week, it seem like a best friends week for me. haha!
I'm looking forward to it ^^