Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old Town + Dessert x2 + Sushi Zanmai + Corn Pocky

Meet my best friends at Times Square again at 11 am today coz I wanna give them the souvenir I bought from Japan. One fellow who name S.H.J.W complaint that we are late, he arrive at 10.30 am but our gathering time is 11 am. That's he own problem so I ignore him~ We having our breakfast in old town, joe feel like wanna SingK but it's so expensive so we are planning for bowling, but again...... it's full........ then we're end up playing arcade game (car racing!!! \(^.^)/). After this, we're heading to Pavilion for some dessert. Today is the 1st time I'm having SNOWFLAKE, please don't say I'm out dated....




Sharing with Li Lian coz I scare I can't finish it ><

Oh yea~ I love the taro ball, it's so chewy~! Then, we taking some walk in the parkson coz Sook Huei's boyfriend is looking some pen for his father birthday gift. & It's time for the 2nd dessert! that is Harajuku Japan Crepe~! I choose the chocolate cake banana without the banana & it taste normal to me, I don't really like the chocolate cake( I didn't mean the cream also), maybe will try some other flavour next time.... & Li Lian get angry coz the staff serve the other people 1st. lolx!

Back to Sushi Zanmai again....... Yee Ting is having her last day work at sushi zanmai & I heard that she will continue someday in September after her final exam?

Made some flower while we're chit chatting~ am I insane????
Unknown flower I~

Unknown flower II~

Then having extra large corn pocky when I'm home~ this is only available in hokkaido....

That's all for today~~~!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Belated Birthday Present

Received my belated birthday present from my college's friend last week when the sem IV started........ OMG!!!! I love it so much!!!!!! Thank you & love you guys~~~~~ It's awesome^^ But, you guys don't have to buy too expensive gift for me. That's too much ><

Food model, quite expensive ==
From : Chia Chi, Siew Lee, Mei Yee, Amanda, Lik Jet & who else?

Still got 2 more in the box, not enough space....

Baking Clay
From : Sharon


It just second week of the semester & I already so tired......!!!
If there's any big assignment pop out now, I gonna be K.O!!!!
hmmm.............. how????
Hope I can get use to it very soon........

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Semester IV

Semester IV had been started more than a week~

but, I don't really feel like the class is starting....

I having too much holiday!!! \(=3=)/

never mind then, continue my topic!!!

I think this will be a busy semester for me.....

1st : having dance lesson on monday after class

2nd : planning to learn japanese next month
(gonna participate YE when I'm 21 years old)

& something more will be coming up soon......
e.g : course work, assignment & more....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hokkaido Trip

About the Hokkaido Trip....

I'm very lazy to type anything now.....

If you interested in any pictures & where are we going,

Please visit my facebook & also my brother's tour blog,


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm making myself more and more ugly.....

I don't really like to wear contact lens.

I hate to wear lens when I'm sleepy & moody in the morning.

It cost a few mins to wear as I don't wear lens very time.

Well, I think I prefer wasting that few mins in sleeping more than wearing lens.... =.=


I like to wear T-shirt & short pants.

I wear it very time when I'm going out for dinner,

even when I'm going for shopping sometimes.....=.="

Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Holiday Trip

Just back from Japan yesterday around 4 to 5pm something....

Sleep around 12am yesterday.

Wake up at 6.45am this morning coz having class at 9am.

Then after class, straight to my dance lesson at 7pm.

The lesson end at 8.30pm (actually end at 8pm).

Back home at 9.06pm.

Oh gosh!

I'm freaking tired.......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hair Cut + Dye


I go cut & dye my hair again....

Ah!!! I want long hair!

But, I really really can't wait......

Actually, I wanted to buy a wig.

But, It's kinda expensive =.=

Around RM 300++ for long hair with bright yellow colour wig.
(this is what I know..)