Sunday, August 14, 2011

YE Test

Long time no see~
Got a good news for myself, I maybe can participate YE(youth exchange) this December coz there's a reschedule test on last Saturday(miss the 1st test >.< because didn't check mail & also heard that not enough people in the 1st test, so they plan another one).
yuhuu~~~ so happy~

I was very sad when I miss the 1st test, hahahaha.
Some more my brother & his leo's friends said there's only 22 people in the 1st test, they need 30 people. If I go, I can pass.
Then I was like never mind, this is my luck & also my fault for not check the mail recently.
I can't sleep for that night. lol! Sleep very late XD!!!

Thanks to my brother, he told me about this test.
My mother was happy when I miss the 1st test, she blame my brother for telling the the 2nd test. heheh~
Gosh... I didn't receive any mail, maybe the sender type wrong my mail(u know..... my email is crazy long... need to create another email for formal use)

Japan! Here I come again!!! Maybe~