Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~西门 aka Day 2 & Hostel aka Day 3~

~西门 aka Day 2~
The 2nd day we arrived Taipei, we go 西门.
Then I had this for breakfast in this place.

America Hot Dog

Look tasty right? But it only taste normal.
Then we straight away go to shopping after breakfast.
You know what I saw? Their cinema! Their cinema is so cool & the batman"dark knight rises" billboard also~
You can't see this kind of stuff in Malaysia ah.... sad...

The street

Then, we went back to hostel after a whole day shopping.
These were the stuff we bought (3 people combine).

And these were the stuff I bought. 
Another one piece trip again? Lol~!

~Hostel aka Day 3~
Then we stay in the hostel for whole day.
This is the room I am staying now.
Gonna change to a better room next week. 

Outside view

Friday, July 27, 2012

Taiwan Study Trip ~Departure Day aka Day1~

Okay! First thing to say here! I reached Taiwan safety~!!!
My family and some of my friends know this coz I already post a photo on facebook.
Still, I need to say it here~ 
Oh ya, another 2 of my friend are joining too. 
So total 3 of us.
This is the photo I took when we reach the airport.

Something curious me that, why are the people from China stick very close to us while we were queuing up at the immigration. Don't you feel any uncomfortable at all? weird...
We didn't spend much time at the airport.
We're tired, so we took a taxi and straight away go to the dorm.
The dorm we're staying now is 4 people per room and we sharing bathroom with other room.
Will change to a room that own a private bathroom this Sunday.
Then we had maggi mee for dinner coz our dorm is too rural and very far from shop.
Our school locate more like a factory place.
And the bed mattress is super thin!!! crazy...
So I don't plan to continue studying bread making course here.

This is my first time away from home for so long(coz may stay for half year) and also my first time staying in dorm.
But don't know why, I didn't feel excited at all. Not like the time I'm going to participate youth camp exchange last year.
And it's totally opposite. I became worried and feel homesick and think that something bad may happen... before the departure day...-.-"
I didn't tell this to my family, scare they laugh at me. lol!

Okay. That's all for ~Departure Day aka Day1~
Although I blog this on 4 August 2012, but I will change the date to the day so you won't confuse.
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

GTR 3D Cake

This cake request was from my high school best friend.
She want a GTR cake for her cousin.
I made this few weeks ago.
This is the 1st time I made this kind of cake.
I'm glad I made it successful. 

And this is the cake~ enjoy~

Taiwan Here I Come~!!!

Will be going to Taiwan to study cake making course for 3 months tomorrow. Will staying for another 3 months if I want to study bread making course, but still not confirm yet.

I will using a new phone number when I'm in Taiwan. If anything, please facebook or email or skype me.
I will not list my phone number, email and skype id here. So PM me in facebook if you want.
Please don't delete my old phone number. Will be using back once I back to Malaysia.

Don't miss me and I will remember your souvenior(not everyone). I will definitely having fun there~!! So see you guys 3 months or half year later~!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Host Family

I sent post card and some of the photos to my host family in Japan.

Then my 1st Host family called me when they received the photos.

Then my 2nd Host's sister sent me a message in facebook when they received the photos.

Then my 3rd Host family sent an email to me when they received the photos.

Hahah~! They reply me with the difference method.
Yea~ I miss them so much.
Need to save a lot of money so I can go to visit them someday~

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...... Cake

Heheheh~ long time didn't update my blog.
& I seldom blog about my personal life, coz everyday gaming Final Fantasy type 0(need 1000000SPP!!! for multiple player...)
So if something special to blog, that would be making cakes.

Okay, back to topic.
This cake request is from my brother. 
I want to make a Dota design at first since my brother's friend they like Dota.
But u know.... Dota graphic is very nice.
& someone else suggest other design.
So I made this.

Cake : Chocolate
Topping : Butter Cream
Picture : Royal Icing
& alcohol chocolate for deco~!

The side.

Well I choose this picture by purpose!!!
(coz of the bikini~!)

Hahahah~! I can't believe I made this design!
I seriously need to wash my eyes XD!!!
This is the birthday boy~!

Well, I should make the picture a bit bigger so the cake will not look empty.
& the cake mix I bought this time was not tasty at all. 
Need to search for a nice chocolate cake recipe next time. 
That's all for this post. 
Thanks for reading.